Sunday, 10 May 2015


“I am not trying to be the best , I just want to be rich,
that is all. As a musician, I want to be remember as
one of the greatest.” were the words that Reminisce
also known as ‘Alaga Ibile’ used to describe himself on
a radio interview recently.

He is currently trending on the music airwaves,
especially as he has just released his album, ‘Baba
Hafusa’ which is gaining a lot of support even from
his colleagues.
Speaking about why he raps in Yoruba, the rapper
said, “I feel comfortable doing music in any language
that I want to. I just do rap in Yoruba because I enjoy
it. For those who are saying I can not do music in
English language, Let them listen to ‘If Only’ which I
did in English language.”
When asked aboutthe person that he looks up to,
Reminisce replied, “I do not have any role model.
everything is different about me. I just do myself. I do
not see myself as funny. I just enjoy what I do.”

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