Friday, 19 June 2015

8, things you must know about Jaden and willow Smith

The amazing things you must know about Jaden & willow Smith see photos and more after cut

1. Jaden and Willow do not like modern music. They don’t even have a favorite song made by other artists. That’s why they try to write new songs that seem interesting and important to them. Can you believe this?

 2. When the siblings have time to spend together they usually make music and create their own songs. The process of music making inspires them both. Willow confesses that they think their “voices sound like chocolate together.” Sounds great, yeah?

3. When making music Willow also likes to freestyle. She sings what she feels at that exact moment. Jaden said in one of their recent interviews: “She gets in the booth and just starts singing.” This only reinforces how talented this girl is.

4. It may sound surprising or even weird, but Willow and Jaden hate school and do not think that school will teach them anything worthwhile. They believe school is an enemy of true knowledge. Do you agree with them?

5. Despite the fact they are not huge fans of school you will be stunned to find out books they read. Willow’s favorite book is “Quantum physics. Osho.” Jaden says that he actually likes reading various ancient texts, his favorite book is “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.” Maybe they are on to something about hating school. They learn good stuff but they learn it at their own pace and when they want to. Quantum physics – OMG!

 6. We’ve just discovered that this brother-sister duo prefer to read pretty serious literature. No wonder they do not like novels. But the next fact will impress you. Willow started writing her own novels when she was only 6 years old. She considers them to be the best thing that she has ever read.

7. One thing Willow and Jaden really love is shocking people. They think one’s works of art are worth something when people are shocked. Shock is a true art according to them. We wonder what they are going to do the next time to amaze people. We can say we love the “shock value” they bring to our lives. It’s all positive shock!

8. Jaden and Willow do not actually care much about a range of unnecessary things and what other people say. When it comes to fashion they wear only clothes they want. On the red carpet these two teens always look gorgeous and stylish, but in real life they prefer to put on comfortable outfits; clothes they can go “climb trees in.”

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