Saturday, 13 June 2015

Relationship: 7 simple ways to tell the difference if you're arrogant or confident

The truth is many people confuse arrogance for confidence and vise versa. While confidence is one of the key factors to be successful in life, arrogance is a recipe for disaster.

But being over-confident could lead to arrogance which will give you an opposite of the result you solely desire by driving people far away from you.

How can you tell the difference? Vladlena Lee of All Women Stalk lists 7 ways to tell if you are simply confident or just being arrogant.

1. Attitude: The main difference between confidence and arrogance is the attitude with which the person carries him or herself. Arrogant #people just exude negative energy that sends everyone running the other way. They even show their arrogance in their body language through pointing fingers at someone’s chest, waving someone off or putting hands on hips. Confidence on the other hand is a lot less intimidating and a lot more open.

2.Condescending remarks: If a person acts like he or she is above everyone, it is a definite example of arrogance. Arrogant people build themselves up by tearing others down; they make themselves feel better by establishing their superiority. On the contrary, confident #people feel great about themselves without having the need to hurt others. They are not intimidated by other people’s success and are not blind to their potential.

3.Relationships with others: Arrogant individuals often have strained relationships with others. They can’t fess up to their own mistakes and therefore blame others for their failures. In addition, they are not afraid to give up some relationships at the cost of their success, which is why most of their friendships and connections are maintained at a superficial level just for their benefit.

4.Clear self-perception: Confident #people are aware of their weaknesses but they don’t give them the power to bring them down. They are comfortable in their own #skin despite the fact that they are not perfect. Meanwhile arrogant people are blind to their own #imperfections. They refuse to admit to their faults and mistakes and have this false belief that their actions are irrefutable.

5.Different roots: Arrogance and confidence stem from different roots. Arrogance comes from insecurities and it is a way in which #people cope with their feelings of weakness, but confidence stems from positivity and level-headedness. While these two qualities are very similar to each other, they have completely different origins.

6.Conversations: A recurring theme that I have noticed about arrogant people is that they always try to oneup everyone else in their conversations. They don’t settle with being wrong and they always want others to accept their position. On the other hand, confident #people don’t have the need to brag and prove something to others.

7.Eye contact: The reason why we are so attracted to confident individuals is that they always #look you in the eyes and make you feel special in any way possible. However arrogant people are only interested in themselves, they only talk to those from whom they will benefit, which is why you often notice their #eyes running everywhere even when they speak to you.

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