Monday, 15 June 2015

This is unfair see what aunt did to her 9yr old nephew for eating in party

The woman pictured below named Ronke Olayinka has been arrested for inflicting terrible injuries on her 9 year old nephew named Abdullahi Taoreed (left). According to New Telegraph, the woman inflicted blade cuts on the boy for eating at a party on June 7th. The boy's parents are dead.

On the day of the incident Abdullahi said he went to the house opposite theirs at Pipeline Street in Oke-Odo area of Lagos to serve food and also to eat since there was no food in their house.

This got his aunt, who he calls mummy, angry

"Yes, it was my mummy who inflicted blade cuts on my hands because I went to a party opposite our house to eat. There was no food at home. I was hungry, so I assisted the people holding the party to carry chairs. I knew that if I assisted them, they would give me food. They gave me food. My sister went to report to my mummy. We went for evening prayer. After the prayer, my mummy called me and started cutting my hands with a blade. She went out to buy the blade. The cut was deep. She poured pepper into the wounds. She then gave me a hot pot of beans to carry to the kitchen with the bloodied hands. One of our neighbors, a woman, saw me and took the pot from me. She went and told everyone in the compound. People saw my hands and started crying. It’s not every time my mummy gives me food. She uses a piece of wood to beat me, but uses canes on her kids.”he told New Telegraph

Neighbors who saw him with the injury alerted the police at the Oko-Oba police station who immediately arrested the aunt. When interrogated, she said Abdullahi was a stubborn child who never listens to her

“I’m a struggling widow. I have three kids. One is 15, the second is 12 and the third is 10. I’m a trader. I leave home in the morning and come back at night. Whenever I return, neighbours usually complain about Abdullahi; how he usually goes to different places to eat. Sometimes, he would go with his friends to a place called Agbele-Kale to swim. He’s just stubborn and doesn’t listen! He’s my brother’s son. I’ve been taking care of him since he was a baby. He behaves like someone without home training. He usually goes to parties to eat. He was behaving like someone who doesn’t have parents or like someone who has no home training. When I returned on Saturday, neighbours said I should warn him. On Sunday, he went out again. Food was ready, but he was nowhere to be seen. I was angry. I used the blade on his two hands. I never knew it would be that bad!”

Asked why she used a blade instead of a cane on the boy, Olayinka said:

"Anytime I want to beat him, he would run away, forcing me to chase him. But what happened that day was the work of the devil. Yes, I poured pepper on the wounds. I only wanted to make him to be a good boy.”

Abdullahi said it was not the first time his Aunt had physically assaulted him.

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