Thursday, 18 June 2015

Warning to those that are not contented with what hey have see photo (HIGHLY GRAPHIC)

Lauren Yardley had always dreamed of having a more curvaceous figure. So at 25, and tired of her "boyish" shape, she decided to buy what Mother Nature had not given her. She paid almost £4,000 for a breast implant operation, increasing her A-cup size breasts to DD.

But to her horror, just two months after the surgery, her body started to reject one of the implants. Weeks later, it actually started protruding from her chest and came through the skin.

She also wanted a larger butt to maintain her status as one of Sin City's sexiest party girls. Instead, it nearly killed her and brought her unwanted notoriety when the video she put on YouTube showing her bum implant flipping over under her skin got one million views.

Now she hopes to warn other people of such a risky procedure.

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