Tuesday, 23 June 2015

What is your intention for RAMADAN? (oppinons).

My intention for Ramadan is to accept what is in my heart
and soul, rather than be on the edge of my emotions.

I refuse to allow feelings and negatives to trick me into
myopia and forgetfulness.
I am the Almighty’s creation! I want this month to imprint
something on me and in my life which has been missing.
During this month, every sinner makes an intention to
emerge a better person. I begin with sacrifice, to worship,
to take my heart and engulf it in the blessings which this
month holds for us, to lay my soul bare, so that it will be
I have a feeling of euphoria about this sacred time, being
able to try again for the 43rd time. Who knows if I will see
the 44th?
I want change to happen from within. I want to look
outward without my vision of life altered with an
omnipresent layer of dirt, shift the grime and help my heart
and soul flourish.
I see how people treat each other, how materialistic the
world has become. How people hurt each other for the
love of money and status.
Assisting a person comes with conditions. Most of us are
wandering around lost, searching for peace and happiness
yet we lack compassion and empathy. The thing which
stands between us and that search is our Ego.
I need to conquer my ego, I need to realise that I have
made errors and bad judgement calls. I need to start from
the bottom and shed the ton of unnecessary baggage
weighing me down.
I need to take responsibility for everything that has gone
wrong. Holding myself, and my decisions/choices
accountable for everything that has happened.
We can’t change the course of events. Everything is
written out for us, but earnest prayer can change our
We all suffer through various challenges, we rejoice at the
blessings we received, we learn to have a grateful heart
when we go through testing times, we learn humility when
we meet those who have nothing.
Our Creator doesn’t give us more than we can bear. We
see his endless mercy if we learn to look close enough,
even in the most trying of times.
Though it won't be easy, I pray that I will:
- Learn to accept the things I cannot change and not allow
them to make me bitter or resentful.
- Find the good in everything, no matter how hard it may
- Live my life in a state of gratitude instead of shame or
guilt, for the blessings the Almighty has bestowed on me.
We as humans have been given amazing bounties in life,
and we forget the true source of these bounties. This is
the time when one remembers who actually made this all
possible, with gratitude and humility. Fasting instills in us
consciousness of the Almighty.
The month of Ramadan is about purifying the soul,
teaching discipline, feeding the hungry, and communing
with God. It’s about abstaining from bad habits, whether
they be profanity or gossip.
It’s not just about one's stomach, its every part of your
body. Everything in one has to fast. Though you are
starving your body, you are feeding your soul.
For me, I want this month to revive and resuscitate me,
and the first step is to be honest with myself, and at the
end of this I will rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

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