Monday, 31 August 2015

Miley Cyrus slips her nipple past live TV censors live on VMAs...

 Miley Cyrus, 22, managed to show her bare breast on live TV without getting censored! MTV should’ve known this was coming. In the middle of the MTV Video Music Awards the “Dooo It!” singer flashed her breast on camera — nipple and all! Take a look at the picture here.

Someone is going to get trouble for this! It may have been a total accident, but the audience got an eyeful of Miley’s boob on TV. Granted it’s already something many people have seen all thanks to Miley’s magazine spreads, but it’s still surprising! The 22-year-old flashed her boob on TV and there were no nipple pasty in sight. Well, we can’t say Miley didn’t warn us.
When the “Wrecking Ball” singer made her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Aug. 26, she told one guy on the street that she would host the VMAs nude! She kinda lived up to her word, right? Technically Miley didn’t get naked any time on stage, but her outfits were VERY revealing. The 22-year-old’s nip slip was one of the many surprising things that happened during the show.

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