Saturday, 5 March 2016

Four simple ways to stimulate your child's vision

This Four Amazing steps will help to stimulate your child's vision, making you and your child a perfect mum and child .

1.eye contact. Take advantage of those moments when his/her eyes are opened and look right into them.Infants recognize faces early on -- and as a mother, yours is the most important! Each time he/she  stares at you, he's building his memory.

2. show them signs. e.g (stick out your tongue) newborn babies as young as 2 days old tense   to imitate simple facial movements. it's a sign of very early problem solving.

3. Reflection. Have your baby stare at himself in the mirror. At first, he may think he's just eyeing another cute baby, but he'll love making the "other" baby wave his arms and smile.

4. Make a difference. Hold up two pictures about 8 to 12 inches away from your baby's face. They should be similar but have one small difference (perhaps a tree is in one but not the other). Even a young infant will look back and forth and figure out the distinguishing features, which sets the stage for letter recognition and reading later on.
It's one thing to give birth its another to train them this simple steps highlighted above will help your child grow smart and intelligent.

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