Monday, 14 March 2016

Morgan Carey blasts Mariah Carey for refusing to pay their sisters hospital and bill

Morgan Carey, who is said to be Mariah Carey's older brother has blasted her lil sister and called her all sought of names over the claims that she refused to pay for her dying sister's medical bill

According to report, the 51-year-old called his superstar sister ‘heartless’ for refusing to help pay for their HIV-positive sister Alison's brain and spine surgery.

He spoke about their ill sister's plight to The Sun on Sunday, before blasting the pop singer for ignoring them, insisting the superstar believes 'the world revolves around her'.

Mariah, 45, who is worth an estimated ($520million), has just become engaged to billionaire James Packer - a point of contention for Morgan who insists she should help with their sibling’s hospital bills.

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