Sunday, 14 June 2015

Family iss:My stepdaughter wants to live with us but her mother refused

A woman wants her stepdaughter to come and live with her, but the girl’s mother is being obstructive. 

This is probably the opposite side of what you normally hear. I am the partner of a father whose 11-year-old daughter wants to live with us and visit her mum every second weekend. Her brother already lives with us full time and she wants the same. However, despite the girl’s pleading and her father trying to discuss it with her mum, the mother is digging her heels in. We understand she is desperate not to lose her child, but she is in a new married relationship and her daughter just doesn’t feel part of this any more. This was the same reason the son left, however, it wasn’t such a fight with him. Unfortunately there is now a lot of manipulating on their side. We discussed taking legal action, but her mother convinced her that if it went to court she would never see her father again. My stepdaughter has been wanting this for two years now and would like to move homes before she starts secondary school (after the summer) so that she can settle in with as little disruption as possible – but without ruining her relationship with her mother and causing as little pain for everyone as possible.
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