Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Baby girl born at 27 weeks, so tiny her arm slipped through her Dad's wedding ring

According to dailymail report
A touching first photograph above capturing the moment a father cradles his 25-day-old daughter for the first time, reveals she was so tiny her forearm slipped easily through his wedding ring.

Mollie Perrin was born 13 weeks premature, on April 27.
She was diagnosed with a placental disorder before birth and doctors told her devastated parents Stephanie, 34, and James, 38, that she may not live past three weeks old.

She was born weighing just 1lbs 1oz, little more than a bag of sugar, and was rushed to a neonatal intensive care.

But Mollie defied doctors' expectations to pull through - and at three weeks old, her parents were able to hold her for the first time.

Mollie Perrin was born 13 weeks early weighing less than a bag of sugar. Her father, James, was allowed to hold her for the first time at 25 days old (pictured). She was so tiny his wedding ring fit around her arm

Now, at 17 weeks old, Mr and Mrs Perrin, 38 and 34, are finally preparing to take Mollie home for the first time

And now, at 17 weeks old, her parents, from Hull, East Yorkshire, are finally preparing to take her home for the very first time.

'I can't believe the moment has finally come for us to take Mollie home,' Mr Perrin said.

'After weeks of watching parents come and go with their own babies, it's finally going to be time to take our little one home.

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