Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dead teen 'wakes' screaming inside coffin as family members smash tomb

This is the moment frantic people smashed into a concrete tomb to help a dead teenager who 'woke up' in a coffin.

Startling footage shows grieving family members smashing their way into the tomb and wrenching open the wooden casket, after claiming to have heard 16-year-old Neysi Perez inside.

Relatives claimed they then found the glass viewing window on her coffin had been smashed and the tips of her fingers covered in bruises.

But despite efforts to revive her medicsfound no signs of life and she was later returned to the cemetery and reburied in the same mausoleum.

Ms Perez, who was three months pregnant, reportedly fell unconscious after waking up in the night to use the outside toilet at her home in La Entrada, western Honduras.

Smashed: Relatives began trying to free the teen after it was claimed she was screaming

It was believed she may have collapsed in an apparent panic attack after hearing a burst of gunfire.

But when the teenager started foaming at the mouth her religious parents called the local priest believing she had become possessed by an evil spirit.

Relatives told how the priest tried to exorcise her, but she later became lifeless and was rushed to hospital, where three hours later doctors declared her dead.

Ms Perez was buried in the wedding dress she had recently used to get married.

A day after her funeral, her husband Rudy Gonzales was visiting her grave at the La Entrada General Cemetery when he heard banging and muffled screams from inside the concrete tomb, and raised the alarm.
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